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10 million+

Cumulative number of borrowers

1.69 million

Total amount of loans issued

$9.53 billion
Last updated: 2024-02

Risk control

Real-time risk assessment and monitoring

Advanced real-time monitoring

Our risk control system is based on advanced real-time monitoring and provides real-time assessment of transactions and activities through instant data flow analysis. This helps to quickly identify potential risks and take appropriate control measures before they occur.

Intelligent decision engine

We have introduced an intelligent decision-making engine based on machine learning and big data analysis to conduct in-depth mining of customer transaction history, credit records and other data. This advanced technology can provide more accurate and real-time support for decision-making to ensure compliance and business security.

Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling

Big data analysis and deep learning

We combine big data technology with deep learning to leverage huge data sets for in-depth analysis. Through predictive modeling, we are able to identify and assess potential risks and provide the business with highly refined risk management strategies.

User behavior analysis and anomaly detection

Through advanced user behavior analysis, we gain a deep understanding of our customers' trading habits and behavior patterns. Combined with anomaly detection technology With this technology, we can quickly detect and respond to possible fraud, ensuring the comprehensiveness and accuracy of risk identification.

Intelligent operation

Intelligent customer analysis and positioning

We use advanced data analysis tools to conduct in-depth exploration of customer behavior to achieve intelligent customer analysis and positioning. This helps us better understand customer needs and formulate precise marketing strategies.

Automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We introduce an automated CRM system to realize automated management of the entire customer life cycle. This includes customer information collection, maintenance, analysis, and personalized communication and service.

Intelligent marketing strategies and personalized push

Using machine learning and big data analytics, we are able to develop intelligent marketing strategies and provide personalized push notifications to different groups, thereby increasing user engagement and response rates.

System Development

Credit system development

We provide customized credit system development services covering the entire loan life cycle, from application, approval to repayment. Agile development methods are adopted to ensure rapid delivery of systems to meet the changing needs of customers.

Mobile application development

We design and implement secure, high-performance mobile applications that enable users to easily apply for loans, manage accounts and make online repayments anytime, anywhere. We are committed to providing an excellent user experience, integrating biometric technology and real-time communication knowledge to ensure user safety and convenience.

Customer service and collection system

Our customer service system integrates state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning to provide intelligent customer support. The collection system is based on advanced algorithms and automates overdue notifications to minimize the risk of bad debts.